About Us

My Story- Established 2022

I’m Emily- the owner, baker, designer, decorator and face behind the cookies!

I’m a wife, full time stay at home Mommy of 3 under 5 years old! My family is my world and always first and foremost, my why for everything I do. My favorite things to do include being outside, walks, going to parks, hiking, running, going to church, and any activities with my family! 

Most of my work is done when my children are sleeping. (Although they do love helping and learning!) 

I began my love of baking about 11 years ago. My parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas, The only thing I could think of was a standing mixer. Well my Dad picked out a Kitchen Aid! I was so excited! He said he wanted me to have the best and one that would LAST. Well, 11 years later I’m still using that same mixer! 

After years of self teaching, baking and creating my own recipes to my liking, I knew I wanted to start a baking business. Over the past few years I really found my niche with cookies! Most always bringing them to family and holiday gatherings. As a child and growing up I have always loved doing art, drawing and sketching (with pencil and colored pencils being my favorite.) It is really so relaxing to me. So I combined my love for baking and added in my art to every cookie I do. And here I am!